18th October 2017


Operating for 30 years as a pure sales and marketing brokerage The JFK Partnership offers a well established, cost effective, risk free alternative route to market, rather than outsourcing all functions to a ‘full service’ operation.  In the same way as the full service route, we deliver all the essential sales and marketing services, but with none of the disadvantages of surrendering all the key functions to a ‘full service’ provider.  This has an increasing appeal to clients who have decided to outsource their sales and marketing, to efficiently and effectively cover the entire Scottish market, while retaining their storage, distribution and invoicing functions ‘in house’.

Since forming the brokerage business thirty years ago, we remain convinced that there is no word which better describes the role of the broker than “partnership”, and we have taken this as our slogan, operating in close partnership with each client’s line management structure.

The company’s strength is our coverage of all the food sectors in Scotland – Grocery, Confectionery, Foodservice, and Specialist Retail, which enables each client’s range to be developed to its full potential, in a widespread geographical marketplace, in which an ever increasing number of suppliers find it difficult to deliver regular sales coverage at an acceptable percentage cost of sales.  With intense competition and ever tightening margins, the pure sales and marketing brokerage option wins every time.